7 1/4″ Class 4 Tank

Here we have a particularly finely engineered 7 1/4″ gauge LMS Fairburn 2-6-4 tank.  A rare beast indeed this with only one other example existing to our knowledge, and this being by far the more detailed model of the two.  And detailed it is!  Working scale vacuum ejector, super detailed and prototypically accurate backhead fittings,…. it even has a fully functioning injector feed footplate slacking pipe so you can amuse yourself by squirting your friends as you fly by!  This is an extremely well made model, and it runs as well as it looks.  Unfortunately that has resulted in the previous owner actually using and enjoying it, which has taken the cosmetic edge of what could otherwise be an exhibition quality model.  The net result is that she has what an estate agent might call a ‘working patina’, or to the lay person it’s a bit mucky here n there!  The detail is to a certain degree a hindrance with that, particularly on the footplate.  There so much stuff going on in there, that it’s impossible to thoroughly tidy it all up, but the reality is that the resulting natural weathering makes it look and feel very much like the real thing.  It all works very well, it’s not particularly worn in any significant way.

Fitted with a pair of injectors that work really nicely, (one of which feeds the working slacking hose).  Lubrication is mechanical, supplied by the scale working Silverton lubricators on the running boards.  The vacuum ejector works and pulls a strong vacuum for the brakes either for the locomotive or the train through the scale working vac pipes.  The footplate and backhead detail is beautifully replicated with all the details of the full size as you’d expect.  The reverser lock handle clips satisfyingly into the position lock, the tool cupboards all unlatch and open, the scale manifold and valves are all replicated and work nicely, there’s even a steam chest pressure gauge so you can drive it just like the real thing.

All in all this is a gem of a model that ought to satisfy the most picky of rivet counters, and it comes with a fresh 4 year hydraulic test and fresh annual steam test so that it’s ready to play.

For any more information please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463