7 1/4" Jung 0-6-2

Here we have another unique and interesting model.  An adjustable multi gauge (5" and 7 1/4") Arnold Jung 0-6-2 tank, built we assume from original full size loco reference material.  This has been a very nicely made model, and at some point she's been stripped down for a re-build, the owner sadly passing away during the process, and then frustratingly various bits of the model have been lost during the subsequent workshop clearance.  Missing parts include, but are not necessarily limited to, the buffer beams, the rear bogie bearing frame stretcher and the right hand valve gear!  Had the valve gear been complete we would certainly have re-built this cool engine ourselves, but sadly the hours involved in machining up a set of valve gear for the right hand side makes it an uneconomic commercial project for us to have a crack at.  (Unless you're willing to pay more than it's going to be worth,... then we'd love to do it for you!!)  😉

As you can see from the pics, the vast majority of the model is there.  The boiler is copper, nicely made and sound.  Which is a good start.  The detail, general construction and machining standard is very good, and there are some superb touches on the model.  We particularly love the reverser which is both pole and screw, with a lifting worm wheel and quadrant.  It's a very neat solution and hints at the thought the builder put into the model.  The wheels are keyed onto the axles, and there are machined clamps next to each wheel that can be attached outboard or inboard of the wheel, setting the gauge to either 7 1/4" to 5".  The whole thing has massive potential and is screaming out to be someone's winter project.  We wish it was us, but unfortunately it's going to have to be one of you,..... and you'll certainly have a cracking locomotive when you've done it!

It's a big model this one.  The loco alone is:

50" long

16" wide

28" high

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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