7 1/4" Kriegslok

Here we have a super rare opportunity to own a unique and impressive model.  A 7 1/4" gauge, German DRB Class 52 2-10-0 'Kriegslok'!  A big and powerful locomotive this at over 9 feet in length and slightly wider and generally 'larger' than the usual 7 1/4" British outline locos, the full size obviously being designed to the Berne loading gauge.  The loco is finished as OBB number 52 3316 and is fitted currently with a Giesl ejector as running in the 1950s & 60s, although there is also a conventional chimney that can, with a little effort be swapped over should you wish.

The engine was drawn from works drawings and measurements taken from the preserved 52.7173, resident at the Nene Valley at the time.  Everything, including the patterns were also made specifically for the job by the builder who started the project in 1997.  Indeed the only bit not made by the builder was the boiler which was made by Harry Holt and the first steaming was 5 years later in 2002.

The steel boiler it's self is in excellent condition, and has been the subject of a recent complete re-tube and thorough inspection and overhaul.  Fed by two good injectors the boiler comes with fresh boiler certs and is set to work at 90psi.  Fitted with steam brakes as well as vacuum brakes on both the loco and tender (working ejector and a working vacuum pump too).  There's even a working steam turbine that generates electricity to run the working lights.  The tender is welded stainless steel and running on needle roller bearings as is the main engine.

A very smooth running and nice to drive loco that is freshly overhauled (including freshly skimming up all the wheels) and re-painted and ready for a new lease of life!

For any more information please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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