7 1/4" LBSC Tich

Here we have a particularly nicely made 7 1/4" gauge Tich to the ever popular LBSC design.  You may indeed be familiar with this one if you're a YouTube user as it's Keith Appleton's one, and is a well known loco to anyone who follows Keith's Youtube channel (we've included a link or two to it down below).  Keith built the engine back in 1996, and when he did so he modified the design to include roller bearings throughout the valve gear and he strengthened up the engineering and structure wherever he felt it warranted it.  The result is a loco that is still essentially as tight mechanically as the day he built it.  That said, the loco it's self hasn't seen a great deal of use.  Keith had a railway round his garden, and you'll see in the clips below the loco running there, but in reality it hasn't actually been heavily used, and the condition of the model reflects that.

She is fitted with a couple of injectors fed from the robust tender.  Lubrication is mechanical, and although you can see two of them apparently mounted on the running board, in fact the rear one is the functioning lubricator with a semi-fixed on lid, the front being the actual reservoir 'header tank' if you like, to keep the enclosed lubricator topped up.  There is a steam brake, and Keith has also partly made the steam brake for the tender too, the cylinder is all there, but he never finished off the steam plumbing to actually bring it into service.  The boiler is of course copper, silver soldered and professionally made, and of course comes with fresh boiler tests both hydraulic and steam so that you are all good to go.  It's a really nicely done Tich this and a reliable, strong performer too.

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