7 1/4" LMS Class 4 tank

7 1/4" LMS Fairburn Class 4 Tank

Built by David Harbour

One of only 2 model's of this prototype known to exist in this gauge, this highly detailed model was the last steam locomotive completed by the late David Harbour in 2005. To our knowledge there are no known about model engineering drawings for this prototype and it is highly likely that given the level of detail replicated that this model was built with reference to the works drawings and close study of the two preserved survivors based at the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway in Cumbria.

The prototype was designed by Charles Fairburn for the LMS Railway as a development of the earlier Stanier and Fowler Class 4 tanks, with a total of 277 built between 1945 and 1951. It was later used as the basis for the 154 highly popular Riddles BR Standard Class 4 tank locomotives. 2237 itself was built in 1946 at Derby as part of Lot 177.

Having completed the rebuild of BR Standard Class 4 80151 in the workshop in the late spring of 2016 (further details of our rebuild No. 9 can be found here ) and with Simon's Grandad, Geoff Nicholson's Stanier Class 4 patiently awaiting it's turn for the full Steam Workshop rebuild treatment, David's Fairburn slots rather nicely into our collection. All we need now is a Fowler tank and we'll be able to demonstrate the full chronological development of the LMS Class 4 tank locomotive, anyony know where we can find one???

As already mentioned, David went to great lengths to replicate the full size prototype in his model. Backhead fittings are all to scale, even down to the working slacker pipe which only works as per prototype when the injector is in use, perfect for washing down the footplate after a days steaming. Still to be confirmed, we suspect the underpinnings of the bottom end running gear have been built with close reference to the successful Jim Vass BR Class 4 design, together with the substitution of a prototypical LMS boiler. Recently recommissioned, we're looking forward to taking 2237 out to a few 7 1/4" events to help fly the Steam Workshop flag and look forward to meeting you on our travels.

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