7 1/4" Quarry Hunslet

Here we have a very nicely made 7 1/4" gauge Quarry Hunslet.  Another loco that we've had through Steam Workshop in the past, recently returned in part exchange for a larger toy and still looking just as tidy and attractive as ever.  The paintwork has the odd scuff and scratch as you'd expect with a used model, but nothing too untoward, and certainly the overall condition is very tidy.  The backhead too is nicely detailed and has an authentic feel to it.

The boiler is copper and silver soldered, coming with a fresh hydraulic and steam test.  Fitted with a couple of injectors fed from the saddle tank and a water tank in the tender.  Lubrication is displacement and hidden under the footplate, with a hydrostatic sight feed with regulator valve on the footplate so that you can see exactly how much is going in.  There's a handy hand brake on the driving truck as well so the driving experience is relaxed!  Mechanically the loco is still nicely tight.  Any wear and tear that is there is minimal and she certainly runs nice and smoothly.  Another really attractive model fully sorted and ready to hit the track.


For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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