7 1/4" Stirling Single

Here we have a superbly made 7 1/4" gauge GNR Stirling Single.  We will be sad to see this one go as she's a loco from our personal collection of toys.  Simon has owned this one for the past 14 years but our collection of 'keepers' is ever growing in both size and number, so it's long past time where we really ought to be 'rationalising' the collection a little!  Bought originally from the builder as a new loco, having only really been test steamed on a few occasions to commission her.  We ran her for around 3 years initially, visiting Germany, Belgium and several interesting railways in the UK before she ended up polished and on a plinth in Simon's hallway.  She spent around 9 years looking pretty and being dusted and polished with pledge before we decided last year that it was time to play again.  We ran her at The Great Cockrow Railway and Echills wood mainline weekend, and then she went back on her plinth for another rest!   We obviously know the full history on this one and so she's probably been steamed on 20 or so occasions.

The loco was finished in 2001, and built by an experienced and extremely capable model engineer.  The finesse is lovely and the machining is to a high standard and there is no significant wear and tear to speak of.  She's fitted with a couple of injectors, a bypass valve on the footplate for the axle pumps and a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is mechanical and the reservoir is under the front footplate.  The boiler is fully ticketed and a neatly solver soldered copper one.  There is an auxiliary (and removable) pressure gauge mounted down on the footplate so you don't have to strain to see the correctly located one up in the top of the cab, and there are working vacuum brakes.  The long handle on the tender is a brake handle linked into the handbrake and vacuum brake system, so it's dead easy to control and drive safely.  As with all single wheelers you've got to be good with your driving skills to get the power down.  She requires a gentle hand on the regulator.  But once you've got to grips with the grip,.... she's fast,...... interestingly fast!!  😉

Here's a link to the loco's page in the 'our collection' section of the website.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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