7 1/4" 'Ironside'

Here we have a very lovely, well built and interesting 7 1/4in gauge Southampton dock authority 0-4-0ST, No. 3458 'Ironside'.  Interestingly Ironside was one of two locomotives purchased by Southampton docks board in 1893, it then passed to LSWR Railway and then was absorbed onto the Southern Railways books.  It must have been about the smallest loco they had!   For many years the engine was based at Guildford station.  The model is presented in the dark chocolate brown with single red line livery that she ran in from around 1934.  The makers plate and the LSWR plate will be added to the cab side and sand box respectively before delivery,..... once we get a good photograph of the originals to work from!

This is a brand new model, finished in 2011, and only recently painted in it's dark chocolate livery.  The model is based upon the well proven 'Singapore' design by Martin Evans.  The brand new (and currently un-steamed) copper boiler comes with all the paperwork, back to the initial hydraulically shell test to twice running pressure (in this case 180psi for a working pressure of 90psi).  There are two injectors fitted, (which would need to be fed from a riding truck), footplate operated drain cocks and all the usual things you'd expect to find there.  Lubrication is mechanical, and hidden under the front running boards.
The build is very neat, and the quality of machining work is crisp and done with skill and care.  She's brand new, so everything is nicely tight and ready to be run in.  The rather excellent thing about this little loco, is that saddle tank is entirely solid with lead!  We don't just mean 'has a bit of lead in it', we mean that molten lead has been poured in to the brim,.... and so this is an extremely heavy little beast, that promises to be able pull a house down, and should certainly punch way above it's 'apparent' weight.
If you would like to know any more details, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463
 Locomotive 90cm (35 1/2in) long, 
Sorry It's Sold!

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