7 1/4" A1X Terrier

Here we have a rare and very nicely detailed 7 1/4" Brighton A1X Terrier tank 0-6-0 built by the well respected model engineer John Brittan.   We've had this one before back in 2014, and she's returned again in a 'downsizing' px for a smaller, more manageable 5" loco.  A well looked after model, that runs very well, and although having seen regular use with it's original owner she has been mostly dormant for the past 3 years.  The BR Black paintwork is in fair condition with nice lining out, but it certainly isn't in 'as new' condition,.... the numbers having partly rubbed off the cab and the odd paint chip and scuff betraying the fact that it works, and has therefore been used!

She is fitted with a pair of injectors and a chunky hand pump (on the driving truck).  Water is fed from a large tank in the driving truck to make sure that it's always cold (sometimes side and saddle tanks are prone to get a bit warm, and injectors aren't fans of that).  The right hand tank is actually neatly arranged so that you can release it with the bolt on the right hand side in the cab and it comes off entirely making it dead easy to oil all the internal motion without scrabbling about on the floor!

The Brighton Terriers are a particularly well loved prototype, gaining their nickname due to their terrier like ability to punch above their weight!  A particularly small full size prototype, it creates a very manageable loco in 7 1/4" gauge.  Small enough to lift between two into the back of a car, but powerful enough to do some real work, and cope with the usual gradients on the average 7 1/4" railway.

The boiler is a silver soldered copper job, and can be given a fresh full 4 year hydraulic test and annual steam test before she leaves us so she's fully ready to hit the track and play.  A brilliant little thing this, and we've included a film of her running that we took the last time she was in stock to give you the idea.



For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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