7 1/4" BR Class 2

Here we have a rare and particularly nicely built BR Class 2 2-6-2, made by the same builder as the 7 1/4" Terrier tank that you may remember we had in last year.  The level of detail in this one is really first class.  All the usual things you'd like to see are there.  Twin injectors fed from the side tanks and the riding truck (which is also here included with the locomotive), or by a re-distribution of the hoses you can run just from the tanks.  There are footplate operated draincocks etc.  Lubricators are mechanical and mounted prototypically up the front on the running boards.  The boiler is a copper silver soldered one set to run up at 100psi.

This is very much a running model, and shows the signs of cosmetic wear and tear to the paintwork, mechanically however it's in superb condition.  Partly this is down to the fact that it's been well looked after by both the builder and previous owner, but also because the builder went to extra lengths to make sure that everything lasted very well.  The valve gear is all case hardened showing consequently very little wear.  The cylinders are cast iron running durable cast clupit rings.

There's a hand brake, steam brakes and vacuum brakes all operated by beautiful Gresham & Craven scale fittings in the correct prototypical places.  The speedometer is a work of art as far as we are concerned, fully working naturally, (driven by a delicate little sensor hidden in the Smiths gearbox on the return crank), as are all the other gauges and dials on the footplate.  Both the small and large ejector are fully functional, raising a healthy vacuum on the gauge just as you would hope for such a detailed working model.  Particularly interesting is the scale Autotrain 'push-pull' vacuum gear either side of the smokebox, certainly something that you're unlikely to see on another model.  There's lovely little details like the fireman's slacking hose and even carriage steam heating fitted!

The riding truck is an Aristocraft water tank/coal space 7 plank wagon, and we can vouch from personal experience that these are a superb product and ideal driving trucks for scale models.

This is a frustrating one for us here at The Steam Workshop.  It's a rare thing when models of this quality turn up.  There's a relatively small percentage of models about where the machining work and model engineering skill is really excitingly good, and then a further smaller pool to choose from where the level of scale, prototypical detail is also there to create something just a bit special.  That however is what we have here.  If the economics allowed, then we would love to strip this one down, tweak the odd little bit here and there to be exactly right and then put her all back together with a full exhibition quality paint job,..... and if that's what you'd like to own then please do give us a bell!  That said, in her current 'working clothes' this is still an exceptionally fine model that would not only grace any discerning collection, but will also reliably perform for many years to come!

....... and there's more!  The solidly constructed trolley/rolling road, also comes with the model, and we can confirm that it's lovely to be able to swing her about in the workshop without inducing a hernia!  Lastly there is a neatly made steel box section welded length of rail to fasten into your car, trailer or van, and a removable length of rail designed to bridge the gap between rolling road/trolley and the car.  All in all a well thought out and complete set up.

A big, heavy model this at 180kg.  For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Gone!

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