7 1/4" Bridget

Here we have a very beautifully made and finished 7 1/4" gauge Bridget 0-4-2 tank engine.  The model has only been steamed on a couple of occasions and is essentially in brand new condition and pretty flawless.  Easily the best Bridget that we've ever seen.

She was built by the late Mr. Fred Lee, a very skilled model engineer to the well proven design by Ken Swan.  The boiler is obviously copper and silver soldered, and is fitted with all the usual things you'd like to see.   Twin water gauge glasses, pressure gauges, (vacuum and steam) injector, and cab operated cylinder drain cocks.


The cylinders are 1 1/2 inch bore x 2 3/4 inch stroke making a capable little engine.

There are twin ratchet mechanical lubricators, eccentric driven feed pump with bypass, and lovely extra details like working sand box rigging.

The boiler comes with it's original twice working pressure shell test certificate No. 78/46 from 2001.  The Northern Fed 100psi working pressure steam test certificate No 156 Expired 10th April 2005,.... although the loco doesn't appear to have been run very much during this period.

88cm long, and 32cm wide

If you'd like to know any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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