7 1/4" Bridget

In the workshop and awaiting proper photographs we have another 7 1/4" gauge Bridget to Ken Swan's design.

This is a nicely made loco, but an older ex-running loco, that was stripped some years ago for a boiler repair.  During which overhaul, the boiler was very sadly stolen!!  The loco then sat for a number of years with the owner undecided upon which route to go with the model until it ultimately came to us earlier in the year.  We've currently paired it to a 'Jessie' boiler that we had in stock.  The designs and dimensions are essentially the same, but Jessie has the safety valves on the top of the dome, whereas Bridget's are on the barrel in front of the cab.  We thought it might make a nice little twist, and certainly it makes this pretty much a complete loco ripe for re-building over winter.


More photos to be added shortly, but if you'd like any more information at the moment, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry She's Sold!

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