7 1/4" Bridget

Here we have another nicely built 7 1/4" Bridget 0-4-2 tank engine to the well respected design by Ken Swan.  Most Bridget models seem to be pretty nicely machined, as the drawings are well detailed, thus attracting perhaps the more confident model engineers to take on the project.

This one has been run well with the previous owner, and as a result the paintwork, although re-touched had seen the odd chip and scratch.  As mechanically she is still very strong, we are currently stripping off the paint to give her a fresh tidy paint job, so if you're quick we will be happy to paint her whatever colour you fancy!  The photos here will show the model as it is now before we stripped the paint off the body, and We've popped up a couple of option prices so that if you'd like you can have the model a little cheaper and do the painting work yourself.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

£5000 as she is

Sorry It's Sold!

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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