7 1/4" Bridget

Ken Swan's 7 1/4" gauge Bridget.
Part built model, but well on the way as you can see.  The chassis runs nicely on air, is nicely built with crisp machining work and includes a central axle pump.  There is a mechanical mechanical lubricator under the front footplate, driven from the water pump eccentric.  It has slide valves, cast iron cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear and is generally pretty much exactly faithful to the drawings.  Although all the valve gear is tightly machined (as you would hope on a well made new model), it still pushes along freely with no tight spots.
The boiler comes with it's original hydraulic test cert, and obviously hasn't yet been steamed.  The certificate shows the boiler was tested successfully to twice working pressure (200psi) back in 2002 and hasn't been touched since, except for the fitting of the regulator as you can see in the photos.  The top dome cover is all done and being used in the photo to sit the barrel on.  Although the boiler isn't as neatly silver soldered as a professional job, (a professional would go bust if they used that much silver solder!), it is very solidly made and properly stuck together.  The builder was taking no risks and I reckon you could probably weigh it in for more than the whole things worth!!
The plate work is mostly all there, but at present just basically fabricated and sitting broadly in place so that you can see what's there.  It will need finishing off and fitting nicely.
All the castings to finish off are there, such as the sand boxes, dome, safety valve shallow bonnet, steam brake should you with to fit one etc... and it comes with a complete set of drawings in really clean condition.
Essentially this is a really well advanced model, nicely made with a sound boiler that just want's someone to nudge it through it's final leg.  It will make a lovely model, and a capable but relatively small 7 1/4" steam locomotive, that will also go in the back of your car without you having to get heavily geared up with trailers and stuff.
Give me a bell on 07816 963463 if you'd like to ask anything.
Sorry, this one's been sold.  Good luck to John in getting her up and running!

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