7 1/4" Wagon

Here we have a scratch built 7 1/4" colliery wagon, painted in Dinnington Colliery livery.  This is one that we've had for years, and since our move to play more with 5" it,..... along with the rest of our 7 1/4" fleet has fallen into diss-use.  Time to offer it to pastures new rather than see it languish any longer at the back of the store!

As you can see , although nicely detailed, it is only presently sign written on one side.  It is properly sign written though.  It is ready to go, but would benefit from a thorough going over with a spanner, and the odd nut and bolt replacing where they have gone astray over the years!  Nice wagon, but deserving of a little TLC to bring it back to its former glory!


Sorry It's sold.

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