7 1/4" Edward Thomas

Here we have a very well made and well detailed 7 1/4" gauge Tallyllyn Railway and Corris Railway 'Edward Thomas' 0-4-2 Kerr Stuart saddle tank.  This is a superb model, a cut above the average Edward Thomas with extremely good levels of detail, right down to working sanders and individual valve chest pressure gauges!  Fitted with an ejector and vacuum 'train' brakes, a steam brake, mechanical lubricator as well as a displacement lubricator feeding into the regulator.  Then there are also twin displacement pots on the tops of the valve chests for over winter storage lubricating.  There's a damper fitted with footplate control lever, even a valve for a slacking pipe on the footplate should you wish to fit one!  The valve gear is tight and well detailed, with lovely little prototypical oil passageways.  Basically,.... it's a very cool model!

The boiler is copper and silver soldered, and comes of course freshly hydraulicaly tested and freshly steam tested.  There are a pair of injectors which is all you really need on a big model like this.  It's a heafty 4 man lift, so you want to be using a loading ramp and a trolley to handle this one rather than contemplating lifting it in and out of the car.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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