7 1/4" Rainhill

Here we have a very neatly made 7 1/4" gauge Stevenson's rebuilt Rocket.  Made to LBSC's 'Rainhill' design, but in this case doubled up from 3 1/2" gauge to make a nicely manageable 7 1/4" loco.  As you would expect from such an early prototype, this is about as straightforward and mechanically simple a machine as locos get.  Machining work and the general build quality here is very good.  everything it crisply done and she runs beautifully on air, right down to a crawl.  Slip eccentric valve gear, so there's no notching up.  Very straight forward to time well and very little to go wrong!

The boiler is the usual silver soldered copper job, and looks very well done.  There is a footplate mounted bypass pump running off the axle for water, plus a hand pump in the tender.  The mechanical lubricator is just inside the frames.  She is fitted with automatic draincocks, a blower and a whistle!  It's just about a one man lift, so you could manage getting her in and out of your car with relative ease,..... although two is more comfortable.  A very good entry locomotive into the bigger gauges, or just an interesting early loco to make people stare!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

118cm x 28cm and 62 cm high.

Sorry It's Sold!


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