7 1/4" Rio Class 70

NB,.... the on the tender is just white vinyl stuck on,..... it will be pealed off and we will put whatever you'd like on there!

Here we have a fairly massive 7 1/4" gauge Rio Grande Class 70 (or C19 if you go by the Milner drawings!).  We've been re-building this one over the last year, including sending the boiler off for a full professional re-tube to make sure she's good to go with fresh certs and fully tested.

We've known this loco for it's whole life, as it was built by a friend of ours, Brian at our local club.  The engine ended up sitting unused for a few years due to a weapy tube, and very sadly Brian passed away before repairs were made and the locomotive could be enjoyed again.  When we subsequently purchased the engine the decision was taken to lift the boiler and do a full re-tube rather than try to make do and mend, which gave us the opportunity to do a bit of a general overhaul at the same time.  Bushes and valve gear was all still pretty tight, however we felt that the wheels could do with a re-profile as the hard steel bar rail at the club had worn the treads a little out of shape.  All these jobs have now been done, and the boiler is back in the workshop, so we are probably no more than a couple of months away from returning her to steam.  We have also moved away from the rather garish Blue boiler barrel paint, polished brass with white rimmed wheels that you often see C19s in,..... ours is going to be a more subtle semi gloss black with a mid grey barrel and an american yellowy grey smoke box.  We think it will look pretty classy when back together.

It's got all the usual 'big engine' luxuries as well as air brakes running from a battery operated compressor in the tender.  The photos are before the re-build, so imagine that, but all fresh, tidy and new!


.....and a few photos to show you the current state of progress.  We are going to leave the tender blank so that you can choose whatever you'd like us to write on there for you!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

... And after the rebuild...

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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