7 1/4″ Romulus

Here we have the opportunity to buy what is now essentially a brand new Romulus that we’ve been building, and,…… if you are quick,…… you can specify your own colour and name!

We had this engine come through us 3 or 4 years ago, and she was a pretty tired Romulus back then, with a steel boiler that had been re-tubed, but was still 20 odd years old at the time.  The engine recently failed a hydraulic and we bought her back into stock with the intention of doing a full strip down back to her bare bones, and building a brand new Romulus, including of course a brand new boiler, from the bits.

This process has been steadily ongoing along side other projects here at SW, and she is finally getting to the stage where a colour decision needs to be made.

So,…. if you’re considering a new, 7 1/4″ narrow gauge loco, this one represents a great opportunity to get something to finished your own specification, ready with a very short lead time.

So,…. a couple of photos before the re-build began,…. it’ll be a lot nicer than this when it’s finished of course!

….. and the strip down begins!

And then everything is bead blasted, before re-painting of the big bits, re-finishing of the motion parts, and re-busing of everything that moves!  Cylinders re-bored and re-machined.  New pistons, new piston rods and brand new cast iron rings.

Then the Valve chests were re-made…….

Then the basic frames and bottom end were re-built.  The frames were all sand blasted back to bare metal before etch priming and painting.  The rods were all draw filed up and brush finished to remove any scars they may have gained over the years.  Brand new bronze bushes were machined up and the whole thing was assembled back into a rolling chassis.

We made brand new slide bars, and a new cross head slipper.  The slipper is cast iron as is the crosshead, and the slide bars are steel.  We machined in a nice crossed ribbon shaped oil groove into the slide bars,….. just because it’s a functional thing doesn’t mean that it can’t be done with a bit of finesse!  Made us happy anyway!

Then, on with the cylinders and the rest of the new bits!

Meanwhile,……. the new steel boiler is finished.  Professionally made with all it’s steel plate certificates and coded welding paperwork.  CE marked of course, and ready to play!  Here it is against the old boiler that’s going in the scrap bin.  We still have to drill out all the bushes in this picture and fit all the fittings, regulator and internal steam pipes.

Now the whole thing can start to go back together!

We are continuing to plumb up the loco so that she’s ready to steam test in the next couple of weeks.  The rest of the platework is all fully bead blasted and ready for etch primer and top coat,…… the choice of which is yours at this stage.  You can even choose it’s name!

For any more information please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Fully finished and ready to play – £11,000