7 1/4" Sweet William

In the workshop awaiting photographs we have a rather well done 7 1/4" Sweet William.  The subject of a very thorough nut and bolt rebuild, we have here what is essentially an immaculate & brand new Sweet William.   She comes with a professionally made and fully certificated steel boiler, and just about every bell and whistle that you could want.

Water is from either the injector, or the axle pumps with footplate mounted bypas valve.  There is also a footplate mounted hand pump should you require it.  Lubrication is provided by the mechanicals on each side of the valve gear.  There's a hand brake on the loco, a hand brake on the tender, a quick grab brake operating on a disk on the tender,..... steam brakes on the locomotive,..... and Vacuum brakes plumbed through for the train, so stopping shouldn't be a problem unless you run into the buffers trying to decide which lever to pull!  The tender has a couple of lovely draws on aluminium runners in it for the coal and for your spare chains and tools, in fact all in all this is one of the neatest and best thought out Sweet William that we've seen.

Proper photos will be taken and added very soon, but for any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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