9" Tasker

Here we have for sale on behalf of our friend at Berrybrook Steam a rare opportunity to own a fantastic and manageable large-scale model traction engine. The engine was started by then Great Northern Steam (later Dream Machines) however towards the start of the build, I understand this example went to a pair of independent engineers for completion by around 2014. As such, the boiler is by Great Northern Steam as well as the overall design. Boiler test wise, it had a hydraulic examination to 265 PSI by Chris Shuttleworth Engineering Ltd in January 2019 and has a good history of tests with the same assessor. It makes for a wonderful sized engine which would run well both on a rally field and on the road, being registered, on good tyres and of an operable size.

The overall condition can be described as very good. The paint and lining are well-finished and in keeping with the style of tractor. It has the usual points of paint wear but overall it comes across as a pleasant traction engine. Motion wise, it has only had very few years of use and looks to have been made well to start with. As with any of our engines, we strongly recommend any prospective buyers arranging to visit the engine at our premises and allow us to show it to them getting up to steam from cold. This will allow you to inspect the engine at your leisure. If you wish to discuss this or to organise a viewing, please give us a call on 01392 833301.

Arguably, one of the large appeals of this model is its ease of transport. Being around 2.7 tonnes, it is possible to transport it using the correct car and trailer combination without an issue, allowing you to travel to shows independently without worrying about arranging lorries and transport. Having spoken to many model engine owners during our time here, we often find for owners that rally regularly, having a way of transport such engines is often a large part of the decision, so this engine certainly ticks that box!

Overall, this is a fantastic, usable engine which has been well built and well looked after. It is the first time we have seen one in our showroom and they certainly don't come on to the market often in this way so please do get in touch sooner rather than later if it is of interest to you.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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