Battle of the Boilers

Reproduced here for your delight and delectation,….. are the original 1922 Model Engineer articles that comprise the entire ‘Battle of the Boiler’s’ debate!  A fascinating read that includes comment from such notable names and personalities as LBSC, Henry Greenly, E.W.Twining and W.J.Bassett-Lowke to name but a few.  Enjoy!

26th January 1922

9th February 1922

23rd February 1922

9th March 1922

16th March 1922

23rd March 1922

30th March 1922

6th April 1922

 20th April 1922

11th May 1922

18th May 1922

25th May 1922

1st June 1922

8th June 1922

15th June 1922

22nd June 1922 

6th July 1922

 20th July 1922

27th July 1922

3rd August 1922

17th August 1922

24th August 1922

31st August 1922