5" Butch

Here we have a complete, but disassembled 5" gauge Butch, to the design published by GLR Kennions.  This was a running loco before it's boiler expired some time ago.  A new boiler was sourced, and the process of disassembling and swapping over the boilers began, but ground to a halt as is so often the case, when other projects took the owners preference.  She came into us as a PX, and we were planning on re-building her with a nice fresh coat of paint to add some more value.  We are still happy to do that if you'd like, so below are two prices for the engine as she stands, or back together, tested and ready to play.

Generally the engine isn't in bad condition.  The bottom end feels like it is made well, and should work very nicely.  The boiler as well looks tidy.  It's a new professional job dated 2005 from Stuart Davidson boiler makers and comes complete with the initial twice working pressure shell test from the manufacturer, as well as all the plate specs and paperwork. of course if we put the engine back together for you, then we will also sort out a steam test on her so she's ready to play.

As she stands, there may be the odd little bit and bob missing.  But certainly all the main bits are there, and any missing little nuts and bolts or other bits will almost certainly be available off the shelf from the usual model engineering suppliers.  Hopefully the photos will help you figure out the rest.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


Spring Cleaning Sale Price -  £1600  (as is to clear the decks a bit here at SW)

Sorry It's Sold!

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