3 1/2" Conway

Here we have the first one of these little things that we've had come through us here at The Steam Workshop.  A 3 1/2" gauge quarry Hunslet to Martin Evans 'Conway' design.

Although not a prototypically accurate scale representation of a quarry Hunslet, these are a lovely locomotive in their own right, and they lend more than a little 'nod' toward their inspiration.  It's a well proven design too, with many examples having been built and successfully run over the years.

This particular 'Conway' has come into us in part exchange for a larger 5" locomotive, and has been well looked after by both it's previous two owners.  The boiler is silver soldered copper and comes with full hydraulic and steam certificates.  Mechanicaly too, she is in good shape.  There's no particular slop in the motion to speak of, and she is ready to head straight to the track and perform.

Lubrication is displacement with a nice condensing coil up in the cab roof.  There are two controllable sight feed glasses on the footplate so that you can see exactly how much oil each of the cylinders are getting.  There is a hand pump in the tender (which it's self is a nicely executed little thing),..... as well as a pair of injectors fitted.

All in all a great little starter loco for someone, that represents a particularly free steaming, drivable and inexpensive loco in this gauge.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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