Darjeeling Garratt

Built by Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd. At their Manchester works, the Garratt locomotive was delivered to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in 1911 and was put into service on the 30th of June. It was assigned by the DHR as Class ‘D’ and given the running number 31. The locomotive was thought to have carried the name ‘Highland Chief’ for a short period in the 1920s and was regularly seen working between Tindharia and Darjeeling. It finally earned its keep on the extension lines hauling loads of 200 tons, and was eventually scrapped in 1954.

Technical specifications for the Darjeeling ‘D’ class Garratt.

Internal gas firing using our new ‘FG2’ type burner.

Outside framed 0-4-0+0-4-0 chassis’ with four double acting slide valve cylinders operated by simplified Walschaerts valve gear.

Water top-up system and water gauge.

Controls fitted as standard are: - steam regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, displacement lubricator, gas regulator and reversing gear.

Glazed cab windows.

Dimensions (loading gauge) are, Length 532mm over buffers, Width 116mm, Height 170mm, Weight 5.20 kg

Full 2.4GHz radio control for both regulator and reversing valve gear.

Fitted with insulated wheels as standard. * Exhaust enhancer fitted as standard.

Available in any standard ROUNDHOUSE colour.  Please note that this model is not available with manual control


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