GWR Railcar

Here we have the opportunity to put your name down on one of our Diesel builds.  We are currently in the process of re-building a 5" gauge GWR Railcar, a 'Flying Banana'!  Originally this model was built in the 70s by Severn Lamb, but it became a little neglected and suffered a bit of wear and tear.  The decision was taken to both restore the model, but also detail it up and push it much closer to the real thing.  She is therefore having lots more detail added, will be fully radio controlled, produce all of the correct sounds, smoke, lights etc.  We think we've even managed to make her sound like she's changing gear!

The Western Class 52 project, and the Class 37 that we did should give you the sort of idea of what our Diesel re-builds are all about, although this one will be considerably less weathered!!  At this stage though we can finish the model to your specifications in terms of number and livery.

Price to be discussed.   (sorry,..... we don't like to do that, but we are at the early stage on this project so we aren't quite sure what the final cost will be).

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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