Model Lining

We have a growing and enviable reputation for high quality model lining out work.  We don't use vinyl or any other form of transfers to create the finished product, all our lining work is hand painted on, using a combination of beuler wheels, bow pen and brush.

We have been fortunate enough to be entrusted with some beautiful exhibition quality models, both as new builds requiring finishing off, and as older models requiring fresh paint to restore them to their former glory.

For some odd reason the world seems to be conspiring to keep us lining out BR black models!  Essentially LNWR livery.  What with 2 Adams O2's, A North London Railway 4-4-0T, An LNWR Claughton and a BR black 5 through the workshop in the last few months, we would be very grateful if someone could turn up with something red!!


We are able to line any model prototype, and being enthusiasts ourselves are keen to put in the attention to detail necessary to ensure that the end result is prototypically correct.  The skill in producing a model that looks correct however isn't to just replicate the full size prototype.  Colours in actual fact don't generally scale down in the real world.  If we were to simply colour match an orange line and scale it's thickness down proportionally for the model, it would look far too bright and toy like.  An orange line therefore on a BR liveried model such as the Britannia shown here is actually painted quite a dirty brown shade that on it's own looks a mile away from correct.  Similarly bright lines are often thinned down from scale, and dark ones thickened up accordingly in order to achieve a finish that looks right.

Here we have a selection of galleries showing some of our locomotive lining projects.  If you'd like to know any more information upon our locomotive lining out services please do just give us a bell on 07816 963463

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