3 1/2" Quarry Hunslet

Here we have a rather lovely 3 1/2" gauge 'Port' class quarry Hunslet to the 'Lilla' design by Ross Harrison.  It isn't one of the much more common, Martin Evans' designed 'Conway' models which is actually a freelance design.  'Lilla' works out at quite a large model in 3 1/2", as big as your average 5" gauge Butch, Chub, Ajax,..... even getting close to the size of a Simplex. It's also a satisfyingly prototypically accurate model.

The Photos should hopefully give you a good idea of the quality of the workmanship, and the finish, which in this case is tidy and neat rather than exhibition quality.  We are quite taken with this little beauty, it's a very lovely thing in the flesh.  Two types of lubrication fitted, there is a mechanical on the running board, and there is a displacement with a sight feed on the footplate.  Draincocks are footplate operated, and there is an injector, an axle pump and footplate mounted bypass,..... and the ubiquitous emergency hand pump sneaked away tidily in the dummy coal bunker inside the cab.

She is superheated, and there's lots of lovely little touches, things like the fish bellied slide bars and the pretty little turned ball lubricator pots ontop of them, the working salter safety valves,.... even a nicel wooden disk upon which the pressure gauge is mounted just give it that 'x' factor.

As a point of interest, the original 3 Port class locomotives were named Lilian, Gwynedd and Winifred.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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