5" Stirling Single

Here we have a rather lovely 5" gauge GNR Stirling Single.  This loco was built professionally as a batch of three by Richard Gibbon, the ex National Railway Museum master in chief.  It's a nicely made model, and although a running and played with loco, it has been looked after well since construction back in 19xx.  The Stirling 8' Singles have always been a favourite for us here at SW.  I've owned a 7 1/4" gauge one (Simon), that was my 30th birthday pressie for some years now, and it's such a beautiful piece of art in my hallway, let alone how captivating and graceful they look when they are bowling along at speed.  I'm a bit of a Stirling anorak, so I can tell you that as a representation of No.1, she should actually have 11 splasher holes and fish bellied slide bars, amongst other subtle differences here and there.  No.1 was built as a prototypical one off, and the subsequent singles were built essentially in batches of 2,...... so a simple change of number to one of the other 52 and this model would instantly become more faithful to the full size.

The backhead is nicely treated here.  Everything is in the right place, and a good attention has been given to achieving the prototypical look.  She has a mechanical lubricator hidden under the front footplate, and there is an injector, an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass valve and of course the emergency hand pump hidden in the tender.  Draincocks are footplate mounted and there is a steam brake there too.  The tender hand brake works as well.  The whole thing is a well executed model, and one that ought to perform very well on the track.

She can of course be given a full fresh four year hydraulic boiler certificate and a fresh annual steam test so you're ready to hit the track.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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