SW Rebuild No.18

From Romulus to Kerr Stuart

Here we have a page to follow the re-build of a tired standard Romulus into something a little more individual.  Inspired by the 2′ gauge Kerr Stuart ‘Diana’, we’ve picked a prototype that lent it’s self to the basic dimensions of the Romulus and had the side tanks shaped in such a way as to enable the space for the Hackworth valve gear to naturally fit.  Whilst we aren’t trying to make a model of Diana here by any means,…. we have taken cues from that loco and other Kerr Stuarts to turn a Romulus base into something that we feel is at least Plausible as a model of an original prototype.  See what you think!

So, this is what we started with.  Scruffy, tired and basic.  A straight forward Romulus in need of a new lease of life.

Quickly we pulled it all apart to see what we’d got.  We thoroughly cleaned the whole thing so we could assess what needed renewal or repair.

The boiler was thoroughly washed out and found to be in good condition with plenty of thickness still left in the plates.  With a new set of tubes fitted a few remedial repairs were made here and there to scruffy threads.  Professionally inspected and given a fresh 10 year boiler ticket that was now good to go.

More to follow shortly as we get time to upload the photos.