5" Sweet Pea

Here we have a particularly well made 5" gauge Sweet Pea.  We've had this one in the works for about 4 years now, after originally deciding that she was mechanically too good to send out with her horrid paint job, and that a quick strip and re-paint would freshen her up nicely!  Well the strip down happened, and then other, more pressing projects continually pushed her down the queue!  So, finally over the finishing line she goes!  Originally a professional build, and unusually, the model appears powder coated in brown, which we really like, and for us dictated the colour we chose to paint her in.  We felt the Sentinel green that we chose works well with the shade of brown, and are quite pleased with the result.

Mechanically this is a gudun!  Particularly well built for a Sweet Pea, the machining work is very tidy and tight.  Everything is crisp and done with a finesse that Hackworth valve gear models don't usually see.  There is a hand pump hidden under the running board, and a chunky axle pump with footplate mounted bypass.  There is a spare valve on the manifold for an injector which we can plumb in for you to either run from a riding truck or from the saddle tank as well.  Lubrication is mechanical and fitted to the running boards as usual.  The cab is removavle as well, with 4 simple nuts, so it can run with a nice open cab if you prefer.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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