5" Kerr Stuart 'Wren'

Here we have a nice little 5" gauge Kerr Stuart 'Wren' class 0-4-0ST.  This engine was built from the well proven Maxitrak kit, which is still available, as too are all the spares directly from the manufacturer if you require anything in the future.

The loco has been competently made, and runs nicely.  We've given her the once over and everything looks to be pretty much exactly where you'd hope!  As is often the way with Hackworth valve geared locos, everything is a little vague down there, and the engine, having run regularly for the previous owner certainly shows signs of wear and tear consistent with a regularly enjoyed model,..... that said, it's definitely not 'worn out' and has plenty more life in it yet!

The boiler is of course a professionally made silver soldered copper one, that comes with both it's history and a fresh hydraulic and steam test so she is ready to play.  There is a crosshead driven water pump and a shut off valve to control the water flow from the tank, and there is a large hand pump on the footplate.  Lubrication is mechanical and easy to access, mounted on the right hand side of the frames.  There are also two chuffing big blocks of lead, designed to slot into the cab coal bunkers to add weight for extra grip,.... good plan in our view, and so it should be a capable little beast, able to punch a little above its 'apparent' weight!

Good little engine to learn on this, perfect for getting you started in the hobby.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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