5" LNER Y4

Here we have a brand new and as yet unsteamed GER Y4 tank loco.  Built to the nicely detailed Doug Hewson drawings, so sporting nice features like the scale, correctly formed cylinders and valve chests, this little loco will make a nice loco for some serious yard shunting at any GL5 event!  The bottom end appears nicely made, and the boiler is a brand new professionally made silver soldered copper job.  It can of course come with a fresh 4 year hydraulic certificate and a fresh annual steam cert.

The body work and general finish of the top end is plain, a little utilitarian, but non the less crisply done.  It would benefit from someone spending a little time with a file on the dome and chimney base to give them a more satisfyingly prototypical thinness, and the flat satin black is again,..... perfectly fine and tidy,.... but a bit,.... flat!

There are two injectors fitted and a hand pump in the tank.  Lubrication is from a large mechanical lubricator mounted on the running boards.  Hopefully the photos should give you the rest of the details.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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