3 1/2" Jubilee

Here we have a rare opportunity to buy one of our full re-builds, in this instance this is Steam Workshop re-build No. 8, and she carries a works plate on the footplate to that effect.  Most of the models that we re-build find customers half way through the process, and indeed this Stanier Jubilee was no different.  The model is exhibition quality, and essentially now brand new.  She was finished to the customers specification as No. 45605 'Seahorse', in her late BR green guise, complete with yellow route indicator stripe on the cab sides.  We finished and delivered her earlier in the year, However, due to a change of circumstances the locomotive came back into us almost immediately, and has been adorning our showroom ever since.  We are all slightly in love with this one, but,... we can't keep 'em all, so it's now time to find her a new home.

So, she is a 3 1/2" gauge LMS 4-6-0 Stanier Jubilee.  Sadly only a 2 cylinder model, (although we can happily look at grafting in a third if you'd like!).  We've taken care to get the detailing correct, referencing many photographs of the full size to make sure that things like rivet detailing is pretty close to the real thing.  With endless budgets obviously more detail could have been, and still could be added, but we feel that the finished result reflects the real thing pretty well.

She has an injector, and axle pump and a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is mechanical and hidden under the front running boards.  Draincocks are footplate operated, and she comes with a full new hydraulic boiler certificate to twice working pressure and a fresh annual steam certificate, tested and ready to play.  There is a film below so that you can see how well she performs.  We will be very sad to see this one go, but as we wrote,..... we can't hang on to them all!

There is an entire project page on our website where you can go and look through the full rebuild of this model, so that you can see exactly what's under the skin as well as see here what's on top.  You can find that gallery and story here:

SW Rebuild No.8

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.

Sorry It's Sold!

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